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Cut+Dry is the industry’s only unified ordering and payments app that puts money in your pocket. Our free platform makes running your restaurant easier, more efficient, and more profitable in the face of the ongoing labor shortage.
National Restaurant Association members receive $50 Cut+Dry Cash when they create a free account.
What is Cut+Dry?

  • Order: Reduce labor costs by placing all your orders from any supplier in one app. Toss your clipboard and forget about juggling multiple websites, mobile apps, calls, texts, emails, and faxes (if you’re still in that).

  • Check-in: Increase profitability with a digital order receiving process. Mark items as received, scan invoices to share with accounting, chat with sales reps, and quickly submit credits for damaged or missing products. 

  • Earn: Unlock cash rewards directly from major foodservice brands. Just place an order for reward-eligible products highlighted in Cut+Dry Order Guides to automatically earn cash. 

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