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Heartland - a partner you can trust
Heartland is an exclusive partner of the National Restaurant Association, and seeks to help its members more simply manage and grow their restaurant. Heartland can eliminate many of the challenges you face with payments, payroll, point of sale, customer engagement and funding. 
Payment in-store, online and on the go
Heartland gives you the flexibility to securely and conveniently accept all the ways customers want to pay. Lightning fast processing and fast funding put customer payments in your hands sooner.
Payroll+HR made easy
Heartland eliminates the guesswork associated with workforce management so you can manage payroll and human resources with ease and confidence. Heartland’s web-based, platform integrates all of your payroll and HR-related activities, including electronic onboarding and Work Opportunity Tax credits, into one easy-to-manage solution.
Point of Sale solutions to run your business
Heartland has the perfect point of sale system for your restaurant, single or multi-location. The Point of Sale solutions are easy-to-use to get your customers in and out in a snap. You can also integrate your Point of Sale with applications such as payroll and customer engagement.
Customer Engagement to get customers in the door and coming back
Heartland helps you attract new customers and increase sales from existing customers to grow your restaurant. Create loyal fans with gift cards and loyalty programs, analytics, email marketing and customer intelligence.
Capital at your fingertips
Thinking of adding staff or inventory, purchasing new equipment or launching a marketing campaign? Heartland can help you secure the funds you need, when you need them, at the best rates possible.
Learn more
Join the more than 400,000 merchants nationwide who have chosen Heartland as their business solutions partner. 

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