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Modjoul Screening: providing your patrons the confidence to enjoy their dining experience.
Product Overview
Modjoul is a health and safety technology company that aims to help your staff and patrons feel safe in your restaurant. Our mobile application, Modjoul Health, features a customizable symptom questionnaire (informed by CDC guidelines) that allows management to efficiently screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms before every shift. The Modjoul app creates real-time employee rosters and reports that evaluate the readiness of your restaurant.

Modjoul also specializes in wearable technology designed to help enforce social distancing policies. Worn as a belt or pager, the Modjoul device sits on the waist and vibrates when team members come within six feet of one another. The same device stores contact tracing data that can be used to alert staff of possible exposure to COVID-19 in the event of an outbreak.


  • Customizable Symptom Questionnaire – The app asks questions about symptoms with guidance from the CDC. Form responses are then used to report employee health status in real-time.

  • Group Readiness Score – The app allows a restaurant to print and publish a Readiness Score to convey to their patrons that the entire staff has been properly screened and cleared to work each shift.

  • Wearable Technology – Devices that enforces social distancing and track employee contact to provide one-click reporting on potential COVID-19 exposure.

  • Offer Details – Through your membership in the National Restaurant Association, Modjoul is extending a monthly discount of 40%.

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