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Alice automates pre-tax benefits to add money to employees’ paychecks when they spend on pretax-eligible expenses—no forms, no math, no acronyms. 
National Restaurant Association members receive Alice for free for three months. After the exclusive three month free member offer, Alice splits half of what you save on payroll taxes each period.

  • There’s never an out of pocket cost to using Alice

  • Members who offer pre-tax spending can expect to save approximately 8% of every dollar spent pre-tax by their employees


How does Alice work?
Alice shields your payroll from Social Security, Medicare, and local taxes and unemployment premiums. Simply connect Alice to your payroll system, and employees can immediately start saving on commuter, health care, and dependent care expenses.

  • Alice works with all major payroll systems

  • Alice invites employees to enroll via email, text, Facebook, Instagram, or Slack—Alice meets employees where they are.

  • Employees connect their debit and credit cards—Alice studies transactions to identify pretax eligible expenses like mass transit, contact lenses, or daycare.

  • Employees take a picture of their insurance card—Alice figures out what they’re eligible for. No prior knowledge of FSAs or HSAs necessary.

  • Alice detects eligible expenses, texts employees to confirm, and makes their expenses tax-free for them and you their employer. 

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