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Medify Air Air purifiers are an integral part of any comprehensive airborne virus remediation program. 
Key Challenges For Restaurants

  • Improving the perception of restaurants being safe places to visit

  • Confidence in the effectiveness of their air quality and safety precautions

As the CDC recently confirmed, coronavirus can be transmitted through the air. And according to WHO (World Health Organization) “to effectively remove airborne particulate matter…HEPA filters with a rating of at least H13 or above is needed…”
Product Overview
Medify air purifiers are a flexible, cost effective solution to increase air circulation and capture harmful particles, viruses, bacteria and odors. All models feature H13 Grade HEPA filtration, capturing up to 99.9% of airborne viruses and particles down to .1 micron. When you are ready to welcome guests, a visible Medify purifier will help diners and staff alike feel safe. National Restaurant Association members can choose from Medify’s five unique models based on the area of coverage needed and budget range. 
Medify offers these member benefits:

  • 10 percent off all Medify air purifiers

  • Expert support staff available to help you make the right choice

  • One year warranty, which can be extended via a service agreement

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